What we do

ACTEW Corporation (ACTEW) owns and operates the water and sewerage assets and business in the ACT. We operate our business in accordance with environmental and sustainable practices. Our services are provided under the business name ACTEW Water. Our strategic objectives are:

  • to be an industry leader in consistently providing safe, efficient and reliable water and sewerage services.
  • to achieve community awareness of the value of our services, and to support our community's wellbeing through the provision of educational services, sponsorships and community support programmes. Read our Sponsorships Report for 2013-14 here.
  • to undertake our activities in a sustainable manner, reducing and offsetting our impact on the environment.
  • to maximise sustainable financial returns to our shareholder.
  • to provide a secure water future for the ACT.
  • to continue to provide a workplace which is safe, challenging and rewarding.
  • to maintain our investment in ActewAGL in a manner which best serves the needs of ACTEW and our shareholders.

ACTEW will achieve its objectives through a range of strategies. Key priorities in 2014-15 will include:

  • Safety management – cultivating a work health and safety culture across the organisation that engages, collaborates and innovates through: benchmarking work health and safety performance; building safety leadership skills; and developing and promoting a safety recognition program.
  • Asset management – implementing a revised asset management framework that will ensure holistic and efficient life-cycle asset management in accordance with relevant industry standards.
  • Customer management – continuing to build on our customer-centric culture, addressing the brand confusion between ACTEW and ActewAGL and introducing enhancements to the ACTEW website.
  • Financial management – improving profitability to support strong dividends to shareholders, managing our gearing levels and continuing active management of ACTEW’s energy investments.