What we do

ACTEW Corporation (ACTEW) owns and operates the water and sewerage assets and business in the ACT. We operate our business in accordance with environmental and sustainable practices. Our services are provided under the business name ACTEW Water. Our strategic objectives are:

  • to be an industry leader in consistently providing safe, efficient and reliable water and sewerage services.
  • to achieve community awareness of the value of our services, and to support our community's wellbeing through the provision of educational services, sponsorships and community support programmes. Read our Sponsorships Report for 2013-14 here.
  • to undertake our activities in a sustainable manner, reducing and offsetting our impact on the environment.
  • to maximise sustainable financial returns to our shareholder.
  • to provide a secure water future for the ACT.
  • to continue to provide a workplace which is safe, challenging and rewarding.
  • to maintain our investment in ActewAGL in a manner which best serves the needs of ACTEW and our shareholders.

To achieve these objectives, our priorities for 2012-13 include:

  • completing construction of the enlarged Cotter Dam, including the return of an enhanced Cotter Precinct to the community;
  • commissioning of the Murrumbidgee to Googong Water Transfer pipeline infrastructure;
  • implementing the return to ACTEW of the management, operation and maintenance of its water and sewerage infrastructure, focussing on safety, security and sustainability;
  • maintaining high standards of service delivery and achieving or exceeding agreed key performance indicators in the management, operation and maintenance of ACTEW's water and sewerage infrastructure;
  • working with relevant authorities to ensure interference or encroachment on water and sewerage assets is managed efficiently and effectively, so as to maintain the viability of those assets and to ensure issues such as sewer odours, are properly considered;
  • finalising ACTEW's 2013-18 pricing submission to the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) and continue negotiations with the ICRC in the lead up to the release of its final determination;
  • continue the development of strategies to meet ecologically sustainable development principles and the ACT Government's greenhouse gas abatement strategy in ACTEW's water and sewerage operations;
  • work with the ACT Government to develop and implement water efficiency management plans for large water users;
  • continue ACTEW's contribution to the ACT community by supporting community organisations, events and initiatives;
  • continue ACTEW's community engagement program with particular focus on education, sustainability and environment;
  • continue active management of ACTEW's investments and provide appropriate support to ActewAGL for new commercial investments; and
  • maintain financial liquidity levels through borrowings to fund capital expenditure projects and dividend payments, while maintaining an acceptable level of gearing.