The ACT Water Supply System


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    The Water Network

    ACTEW Water owns and operates the ACT's water and wastewater assets, providing water services to the people of the ACT.


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    Water Quality

    The quality of water from the catchment to consumers is evaluated through physical, chemical, and microbiological analysis of water samples from the dams, treatment plants, service reservoirs, and garden taps of Canberra residents.


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    Water Treatment

    ACTEW Water provides over 100 million litres of treated water each day to Canberra and Queanbeyan residents (via Queanbeyan City Council).


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    Environmental Flows

    Environmental flows are released from all four of Canberra’s water supply reservoirs based on hydrological records. In the Cotter catchment these are the Corin, Bendora and Cotter reservoirs. In the Googong catchment is the Googong reservoir.


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    ACT Water Supply Map

    ACTEW's water supply map demonstrates our water supply and treatment systems which connect and weave across our city.


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    Water Storage Levels

    ACTEW Water's dam level graphs display information including daily ACT dam storage levels, combined water consumption levels over a month, monthly rainfall, comabined storage level over 12 months, combined dam storage levels over 5 years, and annual water consumption for past 10 years.


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