Water Storage

  • Cotter Dam

    Cotter Dam

    Cotter Dam was constructed in 1915 to serve the needs of the Canberra population at that time.
  • Bendora Dam

    Bendora Dam

    Bendora Dam was completed in 1961 and, as it was higher, water could flow by gravity from the dam to Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant, avoiding the high cost of pumping required for water from Cotter Dam.
  • Corin Dam

    Corin Dam

    A third dam on the Cotter River, Corin Dam, was completed in 1968. 
  • Googong Dam

    Googong Dam

    Population projections showed that by 1979 the three existing dams on the Cotter River would not be able to cope with the increasing demand for water. A new water source was required and, after extensive investigations, a site was selected on the Queanbeyan River and Googong Dam was constructed.