Bendora Dam

Bendora Dam was completed in 1961 and, as it was higher, water could flow by gravity from the dam to Mount Stromlo Water Treatment Plant, avoiding the high cost of pumping required for water from Cotter Dam. The Bendora Gravity Main, from Bendora Dam to Mount Stromlo, was constructed in 1967.

Storage Capacity: 11,400 million litres* fed from a 290 square kilometre catchment which also includes the Corin Dam.

Top water level: 778.2m above sea level

Facts: Double curvature concrete arch dam, Bendora dam was completed in 1961.

Water stored in the most-upstream dam, Corin, is released into the Cotter River and flows down the river to Bendora Dam. From Bendora Dam, a 1500mm diameter steel pipe carries the water by gravity to the treatment plant on Mount Stromlo to the western of Canberra. The Bendora Gravity Main, constructed in 1967, is 20 kilometres long and has a capacity to carry 310 million litres of water per day.