Googong Dam

Population projections showed that by 1979 the three existing dams on the Cotter River would not be able to cope with the increasing demand for water. A new water source was required and, after extensive investigations, a site was selected on the Queanbeyan River and Googong Dam was constructed.

Storage Capacity: 119,400 million litres* fed from a 873 square kilometre catchment area in NSW.

Top water level: 663.0m above sea level

Facts: An earth and rockfill embankment dam with adjoining converging chute spillway and a nearby 13 metre high earthfill saddle embankment. It was completed in 1979, and upgraded in 1995 and again in 2010 through the Googong Dam Spillway project.

For more information, please see Googong Dam Factsheet.